Analog Way Di-Ventix II HD Switcher

The Di-VentiX II is a 4 in 1 mixer, scaler, switcher, seamless switcher, and offers edge blending. The DVX8044 uses a multi-layer design that offers universal analog and digital input & output along with full high-resolution digital processing. Multi-format inputs & outputs permit you to select the signal type appropriate for your setup. Take advantage of this device to control computer & video mixing and switching needs using a fully digital workflow, including with selectable input & output formats. Both HD Black and Black Burst genlock are supported!


Remote control software is supplied, control the Di-VentiX with an optional event controller such as the ARC200 or ORC50, or the RKD-8044T remote keypad specifically designed for the DVX8044. Options include the OPT-8044-A: Audio Switcher Option, and the OPT-8044-VO: Video Output Option.