Full Colour Laser Hire and Sales

Available to hire we have German tarm show lasers – the tarm 2, tarm 5 and tarm 7. They are a pure diode solution with analogue colour and up to an output power of 7.3W.

We offer show packages or single unit hire for nightclubs, product launches and corporate events. Plus, we sell and install lasers for entertainment venues. Call or email us for a friendly quote!

  • General laser specifications:
  • Very fast maximum scan speed of 60 kpps@8° ILDA for graphics projection
  • High-precision diode arrays provide an excellent beam divergence of only 0.9 mrad for a low beam diameter
  • Beautiful colors and great colour fading. The tarm 7 impresses with a very bright 638 nm red
  • Calibration capability via a browser interface

More about our most popular laser – the tarm 7:

This laser projector has great specifications, with a beam diameter of 3.5mm and a beam divergence of only 0.9mrad (full angle). It is equipped with a red (2’500 mW/638 nm), a green (1’900 mW/520 nm), and a blue (3’800 mW/450 nm) diode laser source.

The tarm 7 features very fast scanners, running at 45 kpps@8° ILDA and scanning a maximum scan angle of 50° (@30 kpps). These specifications make this unit perfectly suited for demanding laser show applications and graphics projections in clubs, bars and on medium-sized stages, and can be used by beginners as well as professionals.

The tarm 7 is controlled via ILDA or Ethernet via an FP4 module and is equipped with newly developed electronics that provide calibration capability via a browser interface. In addition, color and scanner settings and other parameters can be configured directly via the browser application by connecting the laser directly via LAN (W-LAN is also possible with a suitable access point). Thanks to the browser interface, it is no longer necessary to operate the laser projector directly on the device (since this is often mounted at a height of several metres). All configurations can be conveniently arranged via a computer (PC, MAC, Linux), a tablet or a mobile phone.
Several units can be addressed at the same time; even positioning the devices on a virtual stage is possible. This makes it easy to identify the respective unit to be calibrated.

The housing of the tarm 7 is very rugged and is dust-proof, so there is no air circulation inside the enclosure. This reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum. The mounting bracket allows for hanging and for upright mounting of the laser system. Call us today to talk through your laser hire or laser purchasing needs!