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AKG C 414 XLS condenser studio microphone

One of the best qualities of the C 414 is its versatility. It offers nine different settings so you can adjust the directional characteristics according to your personal situation. From omnidirectional to figure-8 and four intermediate settings, this large-diaphragm mic has got it all. Its audio character is similar to that of its popular predecessor, the legendary C 414 B-ULS. The 414 XLS offers a modern design with linear frequency characteristics and a neutral sound. This makes the 414 a true reference microphone that is able to capture the sound of an acoustic instrument in its purest form.

In order to get the best out of this mic, the C 414 XLS has been equipped with switchable attenuation levels and bass-cut filters. Also, the directional characteristics can be changed with the push of a button and your selection is indicated by an LED light. The LED light also detects even the shortest of audio peaks blindingly fast. If you use the C 414 XLS in a fixed installation, you can easily bypass all the settings. With a dynamic range of 152 dB, this mic offers incredible audio in any situation.