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ID14-T 4″ Compact Coaxial Touring Loudspeaker 100×100° Black

ID14-T 4″ Compact Coaxial Touring Loudspeaker 100×100° Black

NEXO has always been well-known for its compact and very powerful versatile point source speakers, ideal in both FOH and wedge application.

This expertise is now applied to the ID14, featuring a new extremely powerful coaxial 4” speaker and lots of innovation, making it unique in its category.

Advanced NEXO technology included

The ID14 enclosure uses a home made Polyurethane shell, inherited from the ID24. The result is a robust enclosure with exceptionally good sound quality and trully outdoor resistant.

The custom-designed coaxial driver with a 1.3” voice coil for the 4” LF driver and a 1.4” diaphragm for the HF motor is the heart of the ID14 and responsible both for its smooth, clean sound and impressive power.

Multiple rigging solutions

A threaded M10 on each side is foreseen to be used with the dedicated U bracket, but can be used to install the ID14 on a microphone stand as well.

At the back two M6 inserts with a 73 mm pitch are ready to receive the NEXO ID-WM01 or ID-WB02 accessory for wall mount applications.

Installation or touring version

While sharing the same acoustic components, the Touring version uses a front Magnelis steel grill, and its back plate holds two Speakon® connectors.

On the other side the Installation version features an acoustic cloth on the front grill, and a cable gland with a 2 core cable for audio input, ensuring IP55 protection.

One box fits all applications

Thanks to its fully symmetric design, there is no left or right version of the ID14 and all speakers in inventory can be the same.

To match even more precisely every possible application the ID14 is available with 2x different directivity.

As standard, the ID14 uses a 100°x100° horn, but an assymetric dispersion can be ordered as well, offering 90°x140° dispersion.

For each horn a dedicated setup is available on the NXAMP powered controller to ensure perfect coverage at any frequency.

ID14 acoustic phase response is NEXO phase signature allowing inter-operability between all NEXO speakers at all crossover points, except for the monitor setups where latency is minimized.