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Rieker RDI Inclinometer sensor ASM20017

The RDI series digital inclinometers provide single or dual axis inclination sensing in a rugged environmentally protected housing. The inclinometers in the RDI series are made to deliver precise measurements for a range of applications, including monitoring structures, calculating the tilt of machines and equipment, and more. This is a semi-custom unit where all sub-assemblies are stock but specific functions are customized. A modular design allows the customer to select the measurement range, output type, and temperature compensation that best suits the individual application. This digital inclinometer includes green, yellow, and red LEDs as standard features, giving the operator a clear visual alarm signal for identifying safe and harmful conditions and also significantly increasing a driver’s capacity to recognize potentially dangerous rollover scenarios before they cause injury or equipment damage.
Inclinometer sensor for Martin Audio array systems
Used with the ASM20019 inclinometer reader
Simple XLR connection
No step up or calibration required
Can be mounted on any Wavefront Precision touring flying
Comes with:1 x Rieker inclinometer
2 x 20mm M3 socket head bolts
2 x M3 spring washers