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MARTIN AUDIO WPC Optimised Line Array – Three-way, bi-amp line array element

• Compact line array
• Scalable resolution for advanced array control
• External, dedicated, multi-channel Class D amplification
• Industry-leading DISPLAY software interacts with DSP for highly-accurate results
• Fast, integral 3-point flying systems for up to 16 enclosures
• Side and rear handles for ease of handling and setting splay angles
• 100° horizontal constant directivity pattern controlThe scalable resolution of WPC offers greatly improved coverage consistency and control compared to a standard line array and provides a flexible pathway to advanced array optimisation.
WPC is a new breed of medium-format optimised line array which brings innovative acoustic design, ultra-high performance and coverage consistency to a wider range of users, applications and budgets than previously possible. A three-way, bi-amp system, it features horn-loaded low frequency, mid and HF sections to raise efficiency and increase output. With a peak SPL of 135dB its high efficiency acoustic design can equal or outperform larger, direct radiator systems — a 12-box array will throw beyond 60 metres (200ft) and deliver impressive rock levels to a 5000-seat venue, saving on truck space and weight.