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RS PRO Sound Level Calibrator

RS PRO SLC1356 Sound Level Meter Calibrator
The SLC 1356 is easy-to-use instrument for the calibration of sound level meters. It features output sound pressure levels of 114 dB and 94 dB re 20 μPa under reference conditions (temperature to +23 °C, atmospheric pressure to 1013 mbar, relative humidity to 65%). The output frequency is 1000Hz. This device comes with a user manual, carrying case, 9V battery and 1in, 1/2in, and 1/4in microphone adapters.

The calibrator is designed for use with sound level meters for quick and easy reference of preset decibel levels, for assured accuracy in noise measurement applications. It simply emits a sound pressure level into the meter, and is essential to assure your sound level meter is reading as accurately as possible.

Features and Benefits
• Accuracy of the meter is ±0.5dB
• Fits 1in, 1/2in, or 1/4in diameter microphone
• Operating temperature ranges between -10°C and +50°C
• Simple and easy to handle
Digital sound meter, or noise level meters, take accurate readings of ambient noise levels in an environment. There are several reasons you might want to monitor an environmental noise level- from performance analysis to health and safety concerns. In a factory environment that uses heavy machinery, for example, you might want to know if the environment requires employees to use hearing protection. Alternatively, an entertainment venue might want to measure the noise of its sound system to see if it adheres to local noise level compliance. The RS PRO sound level calibrator is essentially in ensuring your sound level meter is calibrated accurately to comply with health and safety regulations. They are often used in;
• Environmental and community noise measurement
• Vehicle noise testing
• Work and occupational noise measurement